Pre-Operative Surgical Exams

Our clinic is home to a comprehensive surgical team and Pre-Operative evaluation program. The Pre-Operative evaluation allows for our caring doctors to speak with the patient on their overall health status and determine if there are any risk factors for their upcoming surgical procedure.

During the Pre-Operative evaluation appointment, your doctor will provide Pre-Operative management including but not limited to a diagnostic workup, Pre-Operative preparations and an assessment of patients overall health to identify any risks that would influence their recovery period.

Many surgical procedures are uncomplicated, and extensive evaluations are unnecessary. However, there are numerous times when a patient evaluation shows a greater need for precautions prior to their surgical procedure. Pre-Operative preparation involves procedures that are put in place based on the nature of the surgical operation and the findings of the diagnostic workup and preoperative evaluation.

The goal of our Pre-Operative Surgical Home and Pre-Operative Evaluation Program is to streamline Pre-Surgical testing and clearance by offering a convenient and cooperative clinic. Surgical candidates should schedule their appointment one week prior to their surgery to allow for time should there be any additional testing needed.

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